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Princess Sierra The Original Queen of Findom / Financial Domination


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Dedicate the rest of your life to MY pleasure and comfort. Suffer and sacrifice to MY Greatness. Financially offer yourself to Me!

Female Supremacy, Living Goddess, FemGod, lesbian dominatrix, financial servitude, life management.

Offer all that you have and all that you are to ME!  Give yourself completely to Me.
Princess Sierra

My tweets

  • Wed, 09:00: 🙏"Princess Sierra has planted thought-seeds in my mind. Each one grows roots, branches and transforms into my physical and actual reality."
  • Wed, 09:21: pay-pup affirmation 🙏 "i make a commitment to serve and please FEMGOD every single day." 🌺
  • Wed, 09:28: pay pup affirmation 🙏 "i will always leave my mind, heart and wallet wide open for PRINCESS SIERRA!" 🙇❤️👐💸
  • Wed, 09:57: ✨🙌✨🎁 Say it every day!
  • Wed, 10:35: RT @AnsarDavid: my new life, following the Divine Path, is focused on pleasing and worshipping Her Holiness, @PrincessSierra.
  • Wed, 10:55: If you want a FemDom performance..go elsewhere. Serve Me as I wish to be served or take a hike.
  • Wed, 11:08: pervs just pay. slaves pay sincerely, loyally and lovingly. Which will you choose to be?
  • Wed, 11:24: Just taking your money isn't enough for Me. I want you to be incapable of NOT sending Me money. Unable to imagine life without paying ME. 💗
Princess Sierra

My tweets

  • Tue, 08:40: Time to choose whether to continue to be a parasite upon the planet or live in a state of mutualism by benefiting FEMGOD who gives you life.
  • Tue, 09:28: Morning affirmations 🙏 "i allow only thoughts that are pleasing to PRINCESS SIERRA to reside in my mind. 🌾🌞
  • Tue, 09:47: Morning affirmation 🙏 "Every day my commitment to PRINCESS ALMIGHTY grows more passionate and enduring." 🙌👸🏻
  • Tue, 09:50: Morning Affirmation 🙏"i will always give FEMGOD more than feels comfortable, easy, or enough. i must truly SACRIFICE to grow as a man."
  • Tue, 09:52: JUST GIVING Me Cash is NOT enough. you must give more than enough. you must SACRIFICE and go with LESS.
  • Tue, 10:03: Sacrificing your cash to your GODDESS to the point that you must scrimp and live a meager and modest existence is the ultimate way to live!👍
  • Tue, 10:08: Giving away your extra cash to your Living Goddess is temporarily exciting. Sacrificing your comfort, toiling to give HER SUBLIME.
  • Tue, 12:54: Took awhile, but slavey davey bought Me this lovely bicycle helmet!
Princess Sierra

Tweets to Inspire a World of Findom

  • Sun, 13:10: Silly man. What I find the most thrilling & amusing is seeing how little fucks I can give about your kinks and fetish & still get paid. 😈

  • Mon, 08:57: Do not just be an a participant. Watching others please and serve ME only makes your own life more meaningless and hollow.

  • Mon, 09:02: Say your affirmations! 🙏"i resign my efforts to be society's expectations of a man so that the slave that i AM may be revealed."

  • Mon, 09:07: Affirmation 🙏 "Only through communion with and service to The Divine PRINCESS SIERRA can i be the best version of myself." 🌹

  • Mon, 09:20: Say it! 🙏 "i shall not waste this life in useless selfish pursuits but use it well to bring benefit & happiness to PRINCESS SIERRA!" 👐💸🌈

Princess Sierra

FinDomme FemGod Queen of Financial Domination

  • Sat, 19:07: guys who approach you bragging about the money they spent on other Women are generally liars..and ALWAYS douchebags. Findom negging.

  • Sat, 20:22: sissy wimpdick out for a fabulous jog!! 🐩💋

  • Sun, 09:07: Affirmation for pay-pups 🙏 "There is no greater ecstasy than presenting my cash each and every pay period to PRINCESS SIERRA." 🐶💵✨👸🏻✨

  • Sun, 09:11: your whole idea of yourself as a man was borrowed from other idiot men who have no idea who they are or what their purpose really is.

  • Sun, 09:13: The influence MY word has had on you boys can never be erased!! Even the ones who don't pay & just obsess. MY MARK is on you forever! 😆

  • Sun, 09:15: Affirmation for pay-pups 🙏 "i give love, cash, gifts and complete devotion without condition." 🌹

  • Sun, 09:20: Affirmation for pay-pups 🙏"Every moment spent laboring to earn money for MY DIVINE PRINCESS SIERRA is part of my sacred journey." 🙇👐💸

  • Sun, 09:43: I am re-posting this every time some jackass tells Me how "lucky" I got to nabbed My Domain.

  • Sun, 09:51: I block mean guys. I see you be mean to another Woman..regardless if I know or like Her, I block you. Life is too short to talk to mean subs

Princess Sierra

Princess Sierra -- My Tweets of Divine Truth

  • Sat, 08:49: Affirmation for MY pay-pups & minions 🙏"As a man, i deserve NOTHING; but i am grateful for every thing and every moment my FEMGOD gives me."

  • Sat, 08:51: slave Affirmation 🙏"i am defined only by the level and quality of my service to my DIVINE maker and FEMGOD, PRINCESS SIERRA." 🌾

  • Sat, 08:59: Affirm! 🙏"i am so happy & grateful that PRINCESS SIERRA is reconstructing my thoughts and identity and creating my life as SHE designed." 😊

  • Sat, 09:00: Daily Affirmation 🙏 "i make PRINCESS SIERRA's well being and happiness my highest priority." 🌈

  • Sat, 09:12: 🙏"PRINCESS SIERRA is my only reality. All else is either memory or imagination." (I repurposed this quote from Osho)

  • Sat, 09:14: man is born only as a potential. he can become a thorn for himself & for others, he can also become a flower for himself & for others." Osho

  • Sat, 09:25: As you become more aware of your true slave self and deeply indoctrinated in MY WORD, you will lose sight of all your useless fetishes.

  • Sat, 09:26: you will only have ONE stirring. ONE craving. ONE desire. ONE obsession. ALL THAT is ME and doing all you can to truly please ME.

  • Sat, 09:35: you spent years viewing FEMDOM through a crack in a wall. Beating your dick over flickers of what you thought being a slave was about.

  • Sat, 09:39: After seeing and experiencing the full picture...your old disjointed fantasies and selfish preoccupations will seem absurd even to you.

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Princess Sierra

My tweets

  • Thu, 12:04: HRC likes this stuff. Buy it. Added to Wish List: 'Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo/Conditioner Set 33.8 oz each'
  • Thu, 12:34: I am not a FemDom Fetish Doll. Serve ME as I am. Serve ME as I command. Worship Who I AM. If this doesn't interest you...Go The Fuck away.
  • Thu, 13:01: RT @AnsarDavid: i embrace financial servitude as a Divine expression of my beautiful life enslaved to @PrincessSierra.
  • Thu, 14:36: I am not presenting a product for you to buy. you produce the funds. I happily accept and consume your cash. Thrilling!
  • Thu, 14:38: I am absorbing your cash, your mind, your time, your soul. 👅 Deeeelish.
  • Thu, 14:46: If I won 50 million dollars I'd still be a FemDom. I'd still keep MY good boys and use them to the end of times. 💫
  • Thu, 17:38: Zucchini are coming in. So it begins. Squash recipes. Today I made a chicken cheesy Mexican type casserole..but instead of pasta..zucchini.
  • Thu, 17:50: My 6 jalapeño plants are friggin glorious this year. They are huge and HOT! 🌶🌶🌶🌶 Habaneros are giant but still green.
  • Thu, 18:38: RT @TristanAMEllis: Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC
  • Thu, 19:51: Goddamned it..We just popped a bottle of wine and before We could even pour Our glasses, HRC got called out on a murder case. 😁
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Princess Sierra

My tweets

  • Wed, 12:39: Some of these homes We are looking at in the mountains have back-up solar power. Will be perfect if the shit hits the fan in a few years.
  • Wed, 12:48: Lil sugar babies, emailing Me for "tips." I assure you, MY methods will not work on those pervy old sugar daddy pedophiles you found on SA.
  • Wed, 13:02: My best pay-pups did not come to Me as good as they are today. I programmed and trained them to be sweeter, better, more useful pay-pups.
  • Wed, 13:04: But it's usually quite obvious which men have the most potential to be transformed into useful productive slaves. Some have No possibility.
  • Wed, 13:06: The bingers with little potential are financially raped and ravaged. Stripped of their produce and tossed. Dry husks left to wither.
  • Wed, 13:09: The toxic neurotic asshole sub shits..their money is not worth the effort. If all Women denied them, perhaps there would be less of them.
  • Wed, 13:19: A true slave can not imagine life without his GODDESS in it.
  • Wed, 19:00: So I haven't driven rush hour traffic for YEARS.. I had to today for an appointment. Holy Fuck. I can't imagine doing that 2 times a day.
  • Wed, 21:43: vintage furfreak sent $500! Muahahahaha! 🍷💵
  • Thu, 10:13: Affirmation🙏"As I continue my life in service to & communion with FEMGOD, may HER supernatural wisdom & Divine light flood my heart & soul."
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Princess Sierra

My tweets

  • Tue, 15:34: Poor guys who TRULY want to be of service...will just send small amounts of cash and request NOTHING in exchange.
  • Tue, 15:36: pigs who want to to get the maximum interaction with a Domme for the LEAST amount of cash, tell you how they poor and try to barter.
  • Tue, 16:35: There are so many Women willing to play out your fantasies for the right price. So many services available to fulfill your lame fetishes.
  • Tue, 16:36: WHY THE FUCK do you continue to go to the Women who DON'T want to play out your ridiculous fantasies and try to talk them into it????
  • Tue, 22:51: twinkie bought a bunch herbs, roots and oils like a good boy. 🐶⭐️
  • Wed, 08:45: ''SHE enlightens my mind w/ HER truth,inflames my heart w/ HER beauty, enriches my life w/ service,destroys who i was,creates what i will be
  • Wed, 09:01: Affirmation to start the day! "May money flow from my bank account to PRINCESS SIERRA's hands easily, frequently and abundantly." 🌞👐💸
  • Wed, 09:10: Say your affirmations 🙏"Holding on to the past inauthentic version of myself is like holding my breath. i will suffocate. "🙇
  • Wed, 09:15: pay pup affirmations! 🙏 "Financially Serving PRINCESS SIERRA is deeply satisfying." 🌹
  • Wed, 09:33: Affirm your life of financial servitude! ✨🙌✨"Selflessly serving FEMGOD gives me a gateway to Infinite Wholeness!"
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Princess Sierra

My tweets

  • Mon, 15:20: you will serve ME as I am...For who I am. No smoke or mirrors. No facades or fantasy. ME THE GODDESS.
  • Mon, 15:24: We will lay waste your stupid ass fantasies and selfish expectations and motives. you will please ME in ways that are real to ME! ✨💵✨💵✨💵✨ 🙇
  • Mon, 15:27: All of you dirty submissive leg humpers who jumped to Domme to Domme will one day look back in life and say "where did it all go?"
  • Mon, 15:29: But the loyal subs who dedicate their life to THAT ONE GODDESS..will not look back in regret for the money spent and life wasted in fantasy.
  • Mon, 20:04: $200 more from sissy tommikins! 💗💵💵
  • Tue, 09:12: 👉🏼⏰Affirmations!" There are dark places within my soul that are reserved for only FEMGOD to fill & infuse with HER Divine Beauty & Light."
  • Tue, 09:17: pay pup affirmations SAY IT! "Being perpetually in a financial pinch because of PRINCESS SIERRA is strangely titillating. " 😊
  • Tue, 09:22: Straight from the HOLY BOOK ♀📖 "The generous slave will prosper; those who refresh FEMGOD's bank account will themselves be refreshed." 🌈
  • Tue, 09:30: 🙏"i am my best self when serving PRINCESS SIERRA. Because of HER Divine Beauty & Wisdom, i am now capable of demonstrating my highest good."
  • Tue, 09:37: pay pup affirmations 🙏 "It is my natural state to be submissive. It is natural for me to feel most alive when paying & serving my GODDESS."
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