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hahahaha western union man is such a fucking HOOT!
I just got another $600 from him!  screenshot of transactions

Also, that new guy I got a few days ago sent another $500 outta the blue and lou-zer sent $200.    I think I'm gonna have to think of a new name for the new guy, since he seems to be getting hooked pretty quickly.
screenshot of transactions

Princess fan did some shopping from My amazon wishlist and got Me 3 items.  he also promised to get Me another gift but I'm trying to decide if I want a ceiling fan or a leather desk chair from him first.  fagarina promised to send another $200 in the mail tomorrow.

Here's what  I have for the wordpress journal so far.  Tell Me whatcha think .  I am still trying to customize to get it closer to LJ set up. 

$1,000 Tribute from a new guy!

Yay! I woke up to find $500 waiting in MY account from a brand new guy who just bought a membership for the first time.  I answered his email and swiftly talked him into sending Me another $500.

 "I just did it.  I just sent you another $500.  I just don't understand how there is something so irresistable about you.  I don't have the kind of money to be doing this, but I'm sucked in. "

Yah, that happens.  Get used to it.  you are now HOOKED!

Let's see what to do today.  celibate george (the gas card guy) said he'd take Me shopping at so I need to pick out some goodies there.  I'm still plugging away on wordpress and I have spinning class tonight. Oh yeah and I need to box up grandpa freakpie's I-dont-really-care package, as well as a few amazon returns.  Of course I will take breaks through-out the day to swindle swine out of their hard-earned cash$$! 

Oh yes, lotsa lip got a prepaid credit card so he could send ME $200 towards MY May Vacation.  Now as you might know, lotsa lip is one of those "mantelopes".  he does everything anonymously and has been following My site and sending stuff for several years with little to no contact with Me.  However, recently we started emailing back and forth and for the first time ever he spoke to Me on the phone.   We all know what that means!!  This little nervous critter won't be able to eat, sleep or watch the Discovery channel with the kids without dreaming of Princess and ways to better serve HER.   Welcome to the rest of your life, lotsa lip!

sheepshagger, where are you? I've been getting these eerie feelings that you have been poking around MY site again.    It's time for you to pay your dues, bitch!

ATTN:  loopy for legs  you warned ME that you would be getting a new work cell phone, but guess what?  I messaged your old one and got this message back.   "Not sure if you are trying to reach nick if you are he has been transferred to a different work location you can try reaching him at (phone #)."  Ummmm, I recommend you call Me and make good your promise. teehee


Buh-bye LJ?

Here's a few things I had time to photograph. I was going to put this on a slideshow I was working on MY own domain..but it's not working right yet.

 FuuuuucUUUUUUUCK! I have been working MY ass off trying to do a wordpress journal and transferring all MY stuff over. My vibes are saying that NOW is the time to change out of Livejournal. The company has recently been sold to some company in Russia. The new adult policies, the hacking, the drama, the stolen passwords....MY gut says transfer over...even though I really don't wanna.  Ladies: Change your passwords and make them tough.

 Any of you guys really good with wordpress?? I'm not about to give you MY passwords..but I would have you fiddle with some code for ME and could use someone who understands wordpress a lot better than ME. I figured out how to make the top menu link to wordpress pages but can't get them to go to external links and My wordpress index page. This shit gives Me a migraine. Also I need to figure out a way to make MY LJ friends list maybe go on a RSS feed or some shit. Is there away to take MY friend's list feed over to word press?  I guess I could just link it..but it would be ugly and not match. Anybody with any ideas?  Arrrrrgh!     I want to get MY wordpress working as closely to LJ as possible.  Not sure if it's possible though yet.

Anyway, this is what I have been up to. If all goes well and I get everything working properly this is a snapshot of what it looks like so far.
Pretty, huh??
Hurray! I talked MY gascard guy into sending Me and Mariah gas cards for yet another year!  HAHAHA!

LWORD is back!

 LWord season premier  is tonight. This is a huge thing in the lesbian community.  So I'll be off at My LWord party!  I won't be home til late tonight.  I hope they get rid of that Max thing and Jodi the deaf woman.    How will you make it all night without Me??

What to do while Princess is gone having a grand time?   you will stay home whiling away the hours by SENDING ME CASH or SHOPPING FOR ME!
Princess fan!  your last order did NOT go through!  Fix it  now!

I have some more pics of stuff I have received..  I'll try to update with pics and tribute shout-outs tomorrow.

Update: Just got $350 from randy the humpback.

Well like every other New Year, I start out all gung-ho about getting in shape and eating better. Me and all MY friends are all going to work hard this month to get back on track with spinning, working out and staying on our diets which we absolutely fucked up during the holidays. We got 5 months to get into great shape for our May vacation! Spinning classes start back up today and I get back to MY personal trainer monday. Sooo I'm going to buckle down and get serious with MY fitness again.

I'm also going to get back to MY redecorating and remodeling. That's going to mean more shopping for you. I got a bunch of Lowe's cards I got for Christmas from you guys. I know I want to get a few new ceiling fans, a new under the counter stainless and black microwave, more window treatments, door knobs and new hardware for MY kitchen cabinets.

Who is the david who got Me the Columbia parka off My amazon? I love it! I'll be wearing it when I drive to the gym today.

Here's a pic of  fatmac's $250 worth of Lowe's cards.

I've been at My GF's for a few days. Still need to photograph more of the stuff, I've gotten recently.  Shoes, more Lowe's cards, clothing, games etc.  fagarina sent $200 cash,  $200 from that annoying irish guy, another $200 from jackoff judas, $400 from lesbian goldcard , $200 amazon GC from  a brand new guy calling himself euro trash loser and $200 anonymous amazon GC.

$80 cash and $400 Lowes gift card from icky nicky heeeheeee.  Oh he also included the tackiest necklace I've ever seen. ..a  god-awful gold looking thing that says 'Laura and Nicky'...supposedly the first gift he ever gave his wife.  awwwww...ain't that fucking precious? Click to see full-sized.  I'll throw that in the trash later today.

K Gotta run! Later


Another Year of World Domination!

Happy New Years to Princess! Well, we are having a party tonight. Nothing huge... just a get together of about 20 women, most of them all partnered. We went out and bought a bunch champagne, liquor, party favors and hats and I've already hidden all the tiaras but the one I'm wearing so I'm the only one with a tiara. They'll be all stuck with top hats and pointy party hats, I'll be the ONLY Princess in the joint! Woot Woot!

Update: I woke up to about 2 dozen comments about the zeitgeist movie from people with varying opinions and levels of hostility, some buying into the theory, some buying into Bush's theory. I'm going to leave them invisible because I am not really interested in having a big political discussion or listening to you guys bark your speculations on the matter on MY livejournal. I don't know what I think about the movie either way. I just found it very intriguing. The God/ Horus/ Jesus stuff I found the most interesting and got Me the most captivated. The banker 911 stuff was more mind-boggling. It was thought provoking and gave Me something to think about. So to all of those who left your comments either supporting or berating the movie: Opinion NOT noted. Go make a donation$$!!

Dec. 29th, 2007

Mom called Me and told Me I had to watch this.  Very interesting.  The first 10minutes is a bit boring..but keep watching.
K I haven't used this thing forever. Tried it for a few days and got bored of it, but I'm thinking about whipping it out and seeing if we can have some fun on it. Oh I had to share tittyboy's cheer as Stevie requested. *Edit* Hmmm disappointing. I was going to use it to make Voice Blogs..but it seems there is no way to screen text messages left to the voice blogs. I'm waiting to find out if they can be screened, but in the meantime, there won't be any voice blogs made from snapvine but maybe I'll just leave voice comments or something. Or maybe I'll just bored of it again. Who knows?! Anyway, don't bother making an account, just call the number and put in the code and leave a message. Be sure to give an introduction and let Me know who you are.

Quick update

Update Make that $700 from deadman dan! hahahahahah! sissy tommikins just bought Me a goose down comforter off MY amazon wishlist.
you too can shop MY amazon wishlist!

Update just got $500 from deadman dan too! 
Ok, here's just some of the screenshots of today's MANY fine transactions! Here's   screenshot of $1,000 of dec 26 transactions on one of MY merchant systems. These include deadman dan's and horse's ass payment.  (The other $300 in the grand total is from a charge from the day before.)
Here's another $500 worth of transactions from today. I believe this includes pervert postman's and the irish guy's cash. Of course, there are even more transactions spread out on several other payment systems today and loopy sent some of his loot in the mail.   :)  WoooHooo  Keep it rolling in, you sad-ass lonely freak trolls!  I'm LOVING IT!

I had a wonderful Xmas. Did you boys hang around online all night waiting for Me?  awww such a shame.    I received $400 from the pervert postman, $400 from vintage furfreak, $250 Lowes card from fatmac  plus a pair of  tall jeans, $480 from loopy for legs,  $300 from horse's ass (that newer slave I picked up not long ago) and $100 from the freaky irish guy$40 came in the mail from a guy calling himself "wilder".   Princess fan got Me 2  Guess shirts and a wireless controller for My new game system.

loopy, I expect a nice chunk of that paycheck on friday....or else!  I'll be sending you that contract about that settlement cash too. heehee!

I'm home tonight. We're just lazy around enjoying our free time together.  I'll be accepting phone calls tonight.  Later!

10 Crispies from old man tim!!

Woooh Doggie!  I found a special surprise sitting for Me at the post office!  A Xmas card and $1,000.00 cash from old man tim!   I had no idea it was coming, so it was very fun to find!

loopy for legs is back.  he claims  to have just gotten divorced from his wife because of all the coke he was doing while under MY  tutelage.  I got $300 from him today.   

Ok, We're trying to get the PS3 set up right now. Oblivion and the Rachet and Clank game showed up so we are going to try playing that tonight.  Slept most of the day today.  Me and Stevie were out painting the town last night.  What was suppose to be a quiet night with a few friends for drinks at one of our home's, turned out of a wild night causing a ruckus downtown!  Good times!

I am officially DONE shopping for Xmas. Food is stocked, gifts are purchased, cards are sent.   Now to relax.


m-robot the pay-perv-atron!

 Heya!  Kinda slow day so far.  I just received $300 from m-robot, $200 from jackoff judas and $100 from that weird irishman.   I have such fun messing with m-robot version 0.0 !   lotsalip where's My kitchen chandelier?  Has it shipped? I have to ship back MY mimosa lamp because it came with the glass shade shattered. Sadness. K gotta call...probably update later!  
Update: 12/20/2007 
PS3 is here!

 bleeding lambs:  Princess Period has just begun. Insert your SUPER-PLUS tampons into your SUPER LAME asses.    I have switched from Tampax to Kotex so you should all do the same.

I was picking out dishwashers before MY little trip and decided to wait until after I got back.  latex lover is paying for it. I can't decide what kind to get?  Is one brand better than the others? I definitely want to get it ordered today or tomorrow.

.Can you believe it!?  I got ANOTHER $610 from western union man??  This time was especially funny because he went drinking and his wife got miffed and locked him out of the he's sitting in his car in a parking lot sending their cash to ME!!  How about you get boozed up tonight too and give ME that other $300 we were talking about, mikey??? u-huh? u-huh?  I want you dreaming about MY delicious toes all day!

Guys, do not post links on MY LJ to other Dommes' sites or livejournals, bitching about how they mistreated you, how they are fake, and what they did.  One.  I don't care. Two. I have NO intention of sending them My heavy traffic or My paying surfers.  A link in MY blog is about the best thing you can do for their career cuz everyone in this fetish reads it.  So piss about them elsewhere.

lotsa lip just bought ME  PS3 game Edler Scrolls IV.  fatmac bought Me a new jacket.  I love the look of it, hopefully the sleeves will be long enough.  $75 from a darren (whoopty doo),  Princess fan got Me the heels off MY amazon wishlist, a dress from and a dress from Nordstroms, $200 from amsterdam ham. hahaha amsterdam you were sooo majorly lame today on the phone. hahahaha I especially liked when you sniffled and boohoo'd about your messed up life.  It was like sweet music to MY ears! hahahaha!

I gotta cat-sit for a week. I'm a little nervous, ya know how MY fish-thang turned out.
Me and animals don't really click.  One is a fat little adorable kitty, but the bigger cat  is kinda scary. he actually has some major mental issues and  won't let anyone but his "mommies" touch him.  It HATES when people shuffle their feet or burp. For real! If you burp around this cat it totally growls and yowls and has a shit-fit. Have you ever heard of such a thing? hahaha!

I'm gonna go update MY wishlist.  Oh and I got part of MY 2007 handwritten Christmas list up. The Christmas page.  I still laugh every time I re-read My rendition of Twas the Night before Christmas.


lotsalip has been giving Me lotsaloot!

Update:  I got some PS3 games today. lotsalip got Me the Simpsons game and twinkie got Me Rachet and Clank Future game, Folklore game and another cheese slicer thingie. Updated My amazon wishlist with more stuff!

I can't stand the idea of this super SierraLicious pic getting buried quite yet.  So here it is up top again for all to drool over!

sighhhhh..... I'm so dreamy.

Yippy for Me I just got a Playstation 3!!  lotsalip caved and got it!    he just couldn't resist MY charms. Ok so what's the best games for this system so I can go slap them up on MY amazon wishlist??  I don't like car racing or shooty shooty stuff or sport games of any kind.  I sorta like those adventure ones where you go around unlocking doors and looking for keys and hidden maps and magical stones and saving distressed damsels and shit.   

The new vacuum cleaner I am giving away as a Christmas gift arrived today, courtesy of lou-zer.  I hope She loves it!

This framed art FINALLY arrived today.  I think someone got that for ME months ago!  I'm surprised how nice the frame and matting is for that price.  It was cheap but it looks very nice.  In the mail I also received, 2 lipsticks and  a box of MY favorite BlendedBeauty hair products.  My mailbox place called and said there is a big bunch of boxes waiting for Me there too.  father flatulence has been gone for eons...but MY yummy tummy called to him too!!!  he spent the day in Princess purgatory and devoted $400 to My perfection!  $100 from a first time donator named edward and $200 from toejamjam.  Oh yeah and fatmac bought Me 2 tickets to this big party in january.   

Dominas who do live sessions: Be careful!  A Pro Domina in New York  named Mistress Heidi was beaten up and robbed by a new client who met her at a hotel for a session. Do not meet slaves  while all alone, especially NEW ONES!!   Why does it seem that I keep hearing about more and more attacks on sessioning Dominatrixes?? ya men are a bunch of nutbags! you all should be ashamed of your gender.  It was in  the NYPost..I'm not thrilled about how they wrote it like it was kinda funny.  What the hell?? It's sorta funny if a Domina is beaten up by two men, but not so funny if  say...a 3rd grade teacher is?  "The stiletto was on the other foot for a pricey dominatrix named "Heidi" at a Manhattan hotel recently - she wound up getting beaten by her client."   Fuck you, NYPost.  WTF???   I can't believe this article is written by Women. 

Missing Me??

Where in the World Is Princess Sierra?
haha Ok just got this today. Here's a group photo from My vacation.  This isn't all the women in the resort. I think there were 700 or something, this is just a group that were doing some outdoor activity.  Like I toldja, there were a lot of butchies there.  It's really how lesbian-only activities go...there's no avoiding's not like you see on tv.  ANYwhoo!  I thought it was funny, because we are all posing making L-signs with our fingers (L for Lesbian) but it looks like we are all doing the Loser-sign at you! Can you find Me?

The May trip is suppose to have more younger Women there. Woot Woot!  Sigh...I miss visors and visor weather.

Hey!!!  How ya shitpies doing today?  Don't answer...cuz I really don't care!  Just a quick note to tell you boys I'll be back at home and accepting calls sunday afternoon and evening.  I'm bouncing off the walls today!  We had a real nice time.  K this next week starting sunday, I'm gonna stay warm in the house, eat  lite and healthy, work-off all the seafood I ate this week on the treadmill and paint the halls and stairwells....of between I will emotionally batter and financially plunder you mesmerized morons via the internet on a worldwide level!!!   Fuuuuck I haven't done Xmas cards yet either.   However,I just finished backing up ALL My livejournal entries. Phewwwweeee!  Oh yeah...PrincessFan message ME, I want to talk to you about that store's phone #.

 tooodle loo!  

The Nicest Thing to Wake Up To First Thing

Update:  $300 from shitpig! shitpig has become a FULLBLOWN JUNKY!   david the guy who sent Me amazon GC's a few days ago sent another $100 today too.  I write him a little email saying today would be a great day to send another GC and like clockwork, I received it. :)   you need a nickname, david. ...just david is so boring.

Yes the Best Part of Waking Up, is 1 grand from some sick pup!

Looky what I woke up early to! $1,000 from that foreign old guy george! Yippppy!  Not sure why the time says 12:49p.m....maybe it's because he's overseas or the site's clock is off or something? 
According to the email he sent, he sent his tribute at 9 a.m.  he always sends his payments in the morning and they are so much fun to wake up to.

I'm not done with your torture session, grampa freakpie.  I'll call you tomorrow afternoon for part II.  So far here are some of the findings from guinea-gramps afternoon of misery and woe.  Wasabi isn't that effective on the dick and balls. It burns hard for a few seconds and this disappears.  Tomorrow we are using habanero.  he stuck 100 pins in his balls..but I wasn't satisfied because they were falling out. Tomorrow he is going through the balls 2 times with each needle.  This time the needles will NOT fall out.  gramps pin-cushion!  gramps' senses seem to be dulled with age.   he can burn, stick, and abuse those balls and hardly make a peep.   So we gotta BAM! take it up a notch!  Now as far as the toenail.  I'm not quite sure if this toenail he ripped off is really up to par. I am going to have him send it to Me in a TIGHTLY locked ziplock bag for inspection.  I think he mainly got the top layer. I want the entire friggin toenail.  I'm sure peering at his bloodied toenail is going to give Me a migraine.  Any slave who pisses ME off this week will be eating gramps grody toenail for dinner! Oh lord, I'm on the phone with grandpa right no w and he is telling ME about his hernia.  hahaha WTF? I am this guys best friend I think. his cruel, cash-grabbing, emotionally abusing BFF. hahaha Really. I am fagarina's BFF too..he has no friends, just his evil Princess.  If fagarina crashed his car, or won at Bingo or something who'd be the first person he'd call? ME!  hahaha Sometimes I do a social service to you lonely losers by taking the time to laugh at you and rob you of your cash and pride.  There should be some majestic statue made in MY image and erected somewhere for ME.  I am such a humanitarian.

fagarina hasn't been very interactive online lately because his computer is SO fucked up and he's afraid to get it fixed because he thinks the computer guys will go through his stuff.   It's so bad he can hardly stay on yahoo messenger, so I am allowing him to use the BEST BUY card he got for ME to use, to buy himself a low-end computer. Pretty fucking nice of Me, huh?  Yeh I'll say it again. I'm a FREAKING HUMANITARIAN!  I deserve MY face on a stamp or something.


Christmas shopping


Picture of ME this morning all pony-tailed and casual. "Cheese, bitches!" Yeh, it's a hotel bathroom.  Some of you boys know I've been traveling for a few days. Not a good time to fly.  Lost our luggage the first day.  Of course it was easy to fill out the luggage claim report on My pink and fabulous suitcases.  All 3 suitcases were delivered the next day, but it's never fun using that crappy hotel conditioner in MY hair.  Behold our "product".  I'm sure the maid loves us. What the hell was she doing with all those little towels under our stuff?   Yep, that's the blow dryer you bought Me ,fatmac.

Anyway, this is more business than I'll be online and forwarding MY calls to the different places I stay.  I'll be answering all MY emails. Oh today I'm going to play guineapig grandpa. We're going to see how many straight pens he can stick in his nutsacks. Find out if wasabi hurts more than jalepeno sauce when pored down a prickhole. he also has a wood burning tool that heats up to 1050 degrees F. It gets so hot he can sauter things with it. We're going to see if he can write My intials in his weathered old flesh.

Update: lou-zer otherwise known as screwy louey already got the vacuum.  There's one less thing on My xmas shopping list.  I hate going to the crowded mall, I hate holiday shopping and I hate getting out in this weather to spend MY cash on other people.  That's why all of you are going to be MY personal shoppers.  HoHoHo you lucky holly-jolly fucks!  lottalip got the Mimosa floor lamp off MY amazon wishlist.  Hurray!!   $100 from some new guy from ireland.  I really have a hard time understanding irish guys on the phone, they sound like they are chewing a sock.  $300 from stewey.  

Can you guys see the VS wishlist?  I can see it when I click it, but I'm receiving some reports that it doesn't show up on aol browsers?  Umm... I'm not sure ,but try cutting and pasting it in your browser to see it, for some reason clicking it doesn't seem to work..but cutting and pasting it does.  Strange.  If you still can't see it, drop Me an email and I'll send you an invite to it.

Wanna Do Some Christmas shopping for ME?
Here's My Victorias Secret wishlist.  The large size items are for ME and the Medium is for My GF.  It looks like its the same item over and over but the panties are all in different colors and designs.

Vacuumfulfilled! I have one of these and love it.  Want to give it to a friend.

Hottopic giftcertificates for a teenage girl in the family. $100 should do it.  EDIT Make it $200

the cat fountain thingie off MY amazon wishlist for a friend. Playstation 3 fulfilled! also near the top of My amazon wishlist for Me! I'll be adding more stuff soon as I find all the links.

APPLY for A Gas Card and make Me an authorized user then  send Me the card.  Well the guy who has been paying for My gascard for like ummm...3 years or some shit, stopped his card the other day. :(  Boo Hiss. FUCKER!! Actually I think last year I told him he could quit it december 2007 when he was bitching about the big expense...but ya know, I really didn't mean it.   I'm going to call him and see if I can get him to get it re-opened, but in the meantime, I'm going to need another gas card PRONTO! It's so sad having to buy gas when I haven't bought it for 3 years!!!  Exxon is MY favorite, but I will settle for Shell too. Hop to it! This is a marvelous Xmas gift for your PRINCESS.

Friday's all right too.

Quick update! I made $600 tonight while I was out at the bar. Yay for ME!  $300 from M-robot, and $300 MORE from shitpig!  Yeh bitches, I'm that good!

Just got another $200 from shitpig :) heehee Oh and another $200 from deadman dan. :)

grandpa freakpie
just sent another $420 on his now maxxed mastercard. I think he's pretty much wiped out for the month. hahhahaha!

fagarina's $200 came in the mail.

I gotta go to the post office, then get ready to go out for the night.  So I'm gone friday night and most of saturday afternoon but I will be home on saturday night for phonecalls.

m-robot I see that you answered MY activation command, but I wasn't around.  Contact Me asap for further programming.  Take your hard-drive down to MY donation page (the usual one I send you) and initiate the $300 donation payment sequence.  Does m-robot compute??  

Happy Day!

Update:  twinkie sent $300 and promises more to come next week. 

It's totally freezing but I'm staying in and cozy all day long and I'm not leaving the house for anything today. I'll just work out in MY home-gym.   My addicted admirers, My dotings fans and the envying have-nots  will not be surprised to find out that cash and prizes continue to flow copiously today.  $200 from shitpig, $300 from lou-zer,  framed art purchased off MY amazon wishlist from Princess fan, canvas art purchased off MY amazon wishlist from latex lover.  The day is young and I'm sure lots more fun, surprises and $$$$ await ME!  Oh yes and I'm picking out a new stainless steel dishwasher which will be paid with gift cards from latex lover's Sears card. Yowwwweee!

grandpa freakpie's $500 cash is here!

Rock On, Princess Sierra. Rock On! 

K whatcha think? Paint better than before?  I'll be busy redoing this room this weekend.

Yay some LWord goodies from fatmac!

Update: December 5th. Don't feel like making an entire new entry.

Yay! MY girlygirl Diane Von Furstenberg luggage is here and I HEART it!! Here they are Princess fan. The wall won't be that color tomorrow. It's gonna be a color called "rattan". Anyway I Love love love this luggage. It's reeeeally nice.

fagarina sent another $200 through paypal, sissy tommikins paid $300 and some asshole sent a pathetic $50 amazon GC. grandpa freakpie fed-ex'ed $500 cash and it should be here tomorrow. Grandpa has sent Me all his grocery money. he doesn't have one dime left until he gets his next social security check. In the spirit of Christmas, I decided to send grandpa food...ya know the old cast-off shit I found at the back of My pantry, because ya know...if he starves then I won't get his next social security check. This is what I got in the Feed Freakpie box so far. A bunch of ancient yucky Jenny Craig shit that I couldn't stomach to eat, including 4 little packs of oat breakfast cereal, 6 meals that you don't have to refrigerate--turkey chili, 2 swedish meatballs and noodles (GROSS!), Southwestern style chicken and rice (Gag!), 2 sweet and sour chickens (BARF!). Some reduce carb pasta which is probably 2 years old, Flakes N Fiber with Oat Cereal Expiration 2.12.06, a box of cream of wheat cereal expiration 12.3.1997!!!!!!, 2 cans of green beans, can of italian wedding soup, 3 boxes of gross nutritional bars, some nasty tasting low calorie microwave popcorn, 3 boxes of sugarfree jello, Chef Boyardee ravioli..(I don't know how the hell that got in MY pantry), can of vegetarian vegetable soup, black bean soup, some disgusting looking marinated mushrooms champignons and a can of chicken which must be like 10 years old. That should keep him fed for a few weeks. I don't know how a 10 year old box of Cream of Wheat found it's way to MY pantry. I don't think I've ever eaten that stuff in MY life. Anyway good eats for an ancient old man without 2 nickles to rub together. hahahaha!

western union man just sent $900!!
Wanna see?

Another $100 from the visa gift card guy. This guy has like piggy Tourette's or something...out of the blue he loudly blurts "cha ching bling bling oink oink!" I don't know which Dominatrix taught him to say that shit..but it's a damned riot. What the hell? hahahaha

Quick Goody Update

Update: 12.4.07 1 a.m.
Stevie just emailed this one to Me.
Doesn't it make you just want to SHOP until you POP for US??

Update: Just got $300 from roger

lotsalip got MY kitchen chandelier. Yay kewl beans!!!! lotsalip drop Me an Email I need to discuss the shipping and stuff with you. $200 from amsterdam ham who called yammering and groveling in his broken english about seeing MY latest photographs. I also received $50 Visa gift card from a brand new guy he gave Me the card # and I ran it through a merchant account.  $150 amazon gift certificates from a david who I haven't heard from for a long time, fagarina is sending $200 cash in the mail today. twinkie did about $250 of shopping for Me and smalldick SD made a $200 donation. 

sierrasstevie recieved $300 Nordstroms GC for Her Bday and is very happy about that.

Oh I accept moneybookers now.
Update again:

you're screwed.

6 Pretty face pics for Members Only

Update: jackoff judas sent another $200 just as I commanded. This brings his total to $300.

I just got $800 from deadman dan! Febuary will be his 5 year anniversary. It's a slippery slope isn't it, dannyboy??

I see lotsalip came out from hiding and got a few things. About time...why don't you go hit it again and get that green kitchen chandelier, or the mimosa lamp or maybe that orange fission framed art poster??

Princess fan also got Me MY Yves St Laurent mascara and a cheese cutter thingie from My amazon wishlist.

jackoff judas just sent a piddly $100 donation. Really..I know you can do at least $200 more. If you were here, I'd bitch-slap you for this small gift. Stare into MY painfully perfect eyes, turn around and make another donation.

Giving Christmas to Princess

Update: My suitcases are definitely coming, he sent the tracking #! he got the 21 and the 26.
Isn't My luggage adorable?
Lucky fuckers! Here's another pretty face shot.

I'm sorta digging MY fleeting tan here's another one. OMG can we say "GOOD HAIR DAY!" ? Look at those perfect little curlies. Of course, it does that when I had nowhere to go today but spinning. It would be nice if those curls would POP like that Friday and Saturday night too!

Today we are going to discuss how each of you are going to give CHRISTMAS to Princess. Not only are you GIVING Me Christmas, you will be handing ME over your Christmas, your children's Christmas, and your wife's Christmas. You will be giving your FAMILY's Christmas to PRINCESS. Let's face it. Kids these days are friggin brats. Ipods, Wii's, laptops,Guitar Hero, Cellphones, Xbox's Gadgets and Gidgets are totally stunting your little herd's brains. your kids don't read. They don't play an instrument and truthfully, are any of them especially gifted in ANYTHING? Oh yeah, little johnnie can text 200words a minute with one hand.... That doesn't count as gifted and talented. you've made your children fat and stupid. Do your un-extraordinary litter a favor and buy each one of them the gift of learning. A book. For less than $15 you can help your child expand his/her mind, celebrate Christmas, and save your Christmas cash for the REAL meaning of Christmas. PRINCESS!!! Not only are books inexpensive, they are easy to wrap. Now with all the money you saved buying your offspring a book and a candycane for Christmas, you can invest that Christmas cash in PRINCESS. Fill those stockings with left-over halloween candycorn and crossword puzzle books and you're good to go. Quite honestly all the junk you buy your brats is setting them back-- making them less self sufficient, killing their creativity, turning their brain into jelly, making your kids X-box zombies. Give your MONEY TO PRINCESS. Do it for the CHILDREN!!!

I expect each one of you to email Me with the estimated date of arrival and dollar amount of this year's Christmas bonus. you don't even have to cash the sucker...just sign it over to SIERRA HORIZONS and fed-ex it to Me the same day.

Are you single? Instead of wasting finances traveling to visit family and exchanging gifts. Stay home. Sit in front of your computer on christmas night staring at your favorite photo of PRINCESS SIERRA. Perhaps if you want to be especially festive you can photo copy a bunch pictures of My divine face. Cut them into little circles, fashion little ornaments out of them and decorate a tinky little Christmas tree with them. Then you can sit at home in your favorite red panties, with a cup of piss-eggnog and think of MOI. It's best to spend the holidays with the ones you love...and I should be the ONLY ONE you love. If by chance friends and relatives do give you gifs RETURN THEM ALL to the store they were purchased at or sell them on ebay and give Me all the proceeds.

Christmas is the time for it all to PRINCESS.

tally for the last few days $650 from sharon's husband, $150 from western union man, $150 anonymous, $500 from the ukraine, $200 from the cheesedick the cheeseking. $75 anonymous. Also Princess fan bought 2 designer suitcases for Me..but I am not really counting them all the way until I get the tracking # on them. HURRY the fuck up and send that tracking # you piece of shit!

tittyboy's never-ending humiliation

Oh friggin EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! (Warning: tittyboy's action pics are not safe to view from work or on a weak stomach!)

tittyboy slutted it up on his webcam. Guy was in and out of there in like 15 minutes.

Omg I have this drunk french guy on his webcam spilling paint on his carpet. he just sent Me $600 to make him dump orange paint on his new carpet. hahaha Fucking Riot! I keep thinking I have seen it all....and then some new lamebrain pops up with some hairbrain idea. hahahaha! WTF is wrong with you men? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Thanksgiving weekend is over and it's back to normal again. Oh and back to My redecorating rampage! Picking out paint for the den tomorrow. I think I know what colors I am going with finally. I still need to decide on a new coffee table for the den and I think I am going to put in new tile around the wood stove. I bought new curtains, throw pillows and some trinkets for the den this weekend. Bought these MYself because it's too hard to match color and texture on the internet.

Put the christmas tree up..this year it's all done in silver and purple.

Really...can My nose get anymore perfect??

Oh I have some new items I want immediately, including some new luggage. Anyway, I need new luggage because it seems that every time I fly internationally the dumbfucks who search My luggage break MY zippers and I will be needing new luggage for MY upcoming travels.

Will be working on updating wishlists tonight. Prepare for some hardcore shopping, boys.

western union man keeps getting screwed!

heehee! I just got $900 from western union man, a blowdryer and tshirt from fatmac, $100 moneybookers from some german, $100 from screwy louey, $100 from a new guy and $400 from terrance. Mariah got some gifts today too. $150 target gift card, $100 cash and 2 $75 sweaters.

Now that I'm unpacked, I think it's time for Me to start concentrating on work-outs and eating healthy again, MY remodeling and redecorating projects and of course SHOPPPPPPPing!

Took a self portrait bathroom picture to show you all My tan. It's not super dark, but it's some color!

your MAKER is BACK!

Princess speaks and wormboys listen! amsterdam ham has already purchased ME another another Canon PowerShot SD500. I'm not going to worry about getting the other one fixed. They said it would probably cost over 175$. Mighta well just get a new one at that price. I really love this camera, but it broke in only 9 months. I won't be taking this one to the beach again.

I'm baaaaack! Taking names and maxing cards. Well I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of tributes I have received while I was on vacation. $200 from screwy louey, $500 from vintage furfreak, $500 from deadman dan, $200 from twinkie and $100 from some guy named robert. Oh yeah and I received a $200 money order in the mail. you, FUCKS SUCK!! you fucking slackers! I shouldn't have to babysit you pathetic sluts! I should have gotten at least 3 times that much while I was away enjoying MYself! Heads are going to roll, bitches! I'm back but I'm not too bummed because I know I will be back somewhere tropical for a week in just 6 months. I demand full compensation for My May vacation!

Princess fan: Is that leather dress coming?? When will it arrive??

Fuuuck going through MY voicemail and there are like 140 messages. Why the fuck would so many of you morons call when you KNOW I'm not here? What a bunch of fucktards!

Oh this is the camera that got fucked up. I want another one! Someone run like the wind and buy it for Me!
Oh and if you are the person who bought this for ME. "jimmikins" send ME the receipt or whatever you got from amazon. I might try getting this one repaired if I can get a hold of proof of purchase. Looks like it was bought in march or april 2007. If you purchased that camera for Me asap. I loved that camera!

Oh look at the shit I got emailed to ME! hahahaha!

Click for the Uncensored version!

Remember that "fire ant" guy? Well, look what he's been up to! WHERE DA FUCK do you fuckers come up with stupid shit? hahahahaha! We were in the airport when this flashed across MY cellphone. We were laughing so hard, you don't understand. hahahaha!
F R E A K S!!!

Nov. 14th, 2007

Update: It's the 17th now..vacation is almost over. I'll be around on monday and ready to get back to wallet raping and destroying psyches. Guess what!? We just booked for our next vacation in May! We got a small discount ($200 off each person) if we paid for it while we were here. I am SOOOOOO only doing all-lesbian vacations from now on. This has been awesome! Hopefully, there's more hotter, younger Women next time. We also want to go to the Turks and Caicos vacation in November start saving up for that, boys. This place even has gift certificates.

Sand was too dark and the water wasn't as blue as I hoped for. :( Dropped My Canon PowerShot in the sand on the third day and now the zoom lense is stuck and the monitor is giving Me an error 18 and have had to take camera phone pics for half of the vacation. Oh yeh, and they broke the zipper on one of suitcases, which is stressing Me out. Besides this, we really enjoyed ourselves. We ate waaaay too much, met a lot of new friends, totally relaxed and both got tans (well MY face is pretty much just burnt)! I love MY vacations and you bottom dwellers are going to continue to provide ME and MY girl with as many as I want!

At the Pool

On the Beach

Lots of old lesbians
My face is FRIED! It' sooo hot here. Having a blast but the drinks are too sweet and the Women are all butch! We are off to breakfast and I think we are going to go to swim with the dolphins in this small private group today and do some Sunset Cruise thang. I'll update again!

Voice Post:


Make a donation while PRINCESS is on vacation!

Goodbye, My little goobs! Maybe I'll sendya a text or something. ;) Should be back home the 18th.

1,300 from grandpa freakpie

Update: Just got another $200 from screwy louey. Keep up the good work louey! I'll take another. Boy, you have SURE been addicted lately. hahahahaha Remember louey, if something happens to your sick wife...I'll be there...yes, Princess will be there to pick up the pieces... and scatter them in a hundred directions. Yes My fat fuzzy pet, I'll be there to kick you while you're down. *giggle*

Oh to whiskey dick and shitpig...if you tried to call back last night, it seems that MY landline went down for a few hours. I wasn't ignoring you...not that it would matter if I did. Anyway, you can try calling back tonight.

$100 amazon gc from some dude named andy

grandpa freakpie got his credit card paid down a bit and just sent $1,010.00 not including the $300 cash he sent! Yowza!

gramps fed-ex'ed cash

Nov. 7th, 2007

Update: just got $300 from the DRUNKIEST drunk loser I have EVER spoken to. This fucker was SOUSED. I am naming this one whiskey dick if he sticks around. he pretty much sucked though because I really couldn't understand a word he was saying between his british accent and completely SLURRED, nonsensical speech...but I did manage to get his credit card info. heehee

Update: Just got $400 from shitpig. hahaha!

I just got $500 from western union man. he hasn't really been paying with western union for awhile. I think I might rename him wife's credit card guy cuz he just put that $500 on her card. looooser!

grandpa freakpie sent $300 cash fed-ex. I have the tracking # and it should arrive tomorrow morning!

twinkie got a few books off My amazon wishlist. Oh yeah and MY stainless steel range showed up today. yawn..Im tired. I'll update later tonight.

Screenshot showing m-robot's, shitpig and whiskey dick's donations.

Screenshot of western union man's $501 tribute.

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