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  • Sun, 12:01: RT @AnsarDavid: @PrincessSierra I am so fortunate to have found the one I was meant to serve for eternity.
  • Sun, 12:27: Filth! Paying a few times through the years does NOT make you one of MY good puppies. you are nothing but a shit pervert with a boner.
  • Mon, 10:43: Affirmation 🌸 "The only thing that heals the longing of my soul is serving, financially supplying and delighting my Divine Goddess Sierra."
  • Mon, 11:07: 🕯🙏 "It is the greatest honor to be part of FEMGOD's Divine life and Glorification, to hear HER truth, to serve HER, to know HER."🌈🙇
  • Mon, 11:12: Now is the hour of adoration and reparation. Get on your knees and send your tithing!
  • Mon, 11:18: 🕯🙏 say it, minions! "The All-Seeing-Eye of Sierra sees through my false exterior. 👁 SHE sees me for what i truly am."
  • Mon, 11:29: 👐💸"Saying affirmation and prayers as i send PRINCESS SIERRA my cash is the most beautiful form of transformative meditation."🕊🙌
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