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  • Sat, 12:03: Fill the huge void in your life by filling MY bank account with your cash! 😍💳
  • Sun, 10:54: 🙇🙌 "Through the Sacred teachings of Ascended Master Sierra and devoting myself to serving HER Divine Will, i can have a life of purpose."
  • Sun, 11:02: All men need to have a GODDESS to labor and suffer for, to worship and obey. A SUPREME QUEEN to live and to die for! ☝🏼👸🏻
  • Sun, 11:06: subs with no GODDESS, who wander aimlessly trying to fulfill their selfish perversions w/ any beautiful Woman.. are always quite miserable.
  • Sun, 11:15: your goal is to be the sort of slave that pleases and amuses ME so much that I truly enjoy having you in MY life & choose to keep you there.
  • Sun, 11:27: Say it🗣👐💸 "When i give PRINCESS SIERRA a large sum of cash, i am filled with a euphoric feeling that is greater than any physical pleasure."
  • Sun, 11:37: Silly are shown the path to Life-Affirming service to GODDESS and you choose to sit in the mud playing with your own filthy dick.🐷🌭
  • Sun, 11:39: Whatever, pig. Diddle your hotdog, send ME your cash & keep your grotesque mouth shut. Shit slaves get shit! Shit slaves live shit lives.
  • Sun, 11:41: Only higher minded, good slaves who serve from a place of love & devotion get a real, meaningful experience.The rest of you just get dicked.
  • Sun, 11:42: Either way, PRINCESS gets paid.
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