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  • Tue, 14:52: Yes terrance, I love your sweet cash so much...and you love giving it to ME! 😘💵 $500 from terrance!
  • Wed, 07:45: Every day I wake up to more emails from aspiring teenage Findoms asking Me how I "got into it." Ya just don't get it. I AM FINDOM.
  • Wed, 07:52: Pray!🕯🙏"i commit to following all of the Goddess-given mandates in my life, to glorify FEMGOD daily and complete the Holy work SHE gave me."
  • Wed, 07:57: slave affirmation🙏"The only way i can find profound & lasting happiness is to accept PRINCESS SIERRA as my Master & Savior and do HER will."
  • Wed, 08:02: pay-pup affirmation 🤑💕 "Every day i am drawn like a magnet to PRINCESS SIERRA's pay page. i can't and won't stop myself from clicking pay!"
  • Wed, 08:23: 🌀💆🏻‍♂️🌀💭🤑 feel like paying Me. you need to pay ME. you will pay Me. you are paying Me!👁💳
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