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  • Sun, 15:37: Been canning jam for hours. deerslayer picked a lot of berries last summer.
  • Sun, 21:13: MORE! Added to Wish List: ' $250 Gift Card with Free Luggage Tag'
  • Mon, 10:59: Say your pay-pup affirmations 🕯🙏 "Paying and serving PRINCESS SIERRA brings Divine alignment into my miserable, useless life."🙇
  • Mon, 11:14: rat bastard I know you have a day off work! Crotch mouse is scratching at your fly! Get the booze out! 🥃Time to overdraw your bank account!
  • Mon, 11:24: Say and pay! 🗣👐💸"FEMGOD's influence has awakened a generation of lowly men to be enslaved by findom addiction. Resistance is futile."😳
  • Mon, 11:33: your erection was designed to dispense cash and gifts to ME. That's all it's for, asshole. 🍆💥🎁💵
  • Mon, 11:41: rat bastard is already drinking! 🍷🤑👖🐭 Pocket mouse is ready to spend!!!
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